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The Future of Dry Hopping

100% efficient
flavor/aroma transfer

Consistent from
batch to batch

Increase in

Optimized Hop Extracts

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The Power of Terpenes

Our Hop Profiles are created by using individual terpene isolates. Think of them like little building blocks. We assemble them together to create an exact profile of the original hop with ZERO undesirable compounds. The result is an extremely potent and accurate profile of the original hop utilizing the power of terpenes.

Zero Undesirable Plant Compounds

  • No Lipids

  • No Chlorophyll

  • No Waxes

100% Efficient Flavor / Aroma Transfer

Hop Profiles are a completely dispersible product. And, since it’s a liquid, it’s hyper-flowable with no chance of it sticking to anything. Even better, they can be used at room temperature without any special handling. Just open the bottle and brew.

  • No Special Handling Required

  • Flowable at Room Temp

  • Fully Dispersable


Substantially Increased Yield/Profit

Without any loss due to absorption, brewers are able to drastically increase their yield leading to significantly more profit per batch.

  • 5-30% Greater Yield

  • Zero Absorption Loss

Ultimate Batch

Since Hop Profiles are powered by terpenes they are not affected by the natural variance found from farm-to-farm, harvest-to-harvest.

  • Powered by Terpenes

  • Consistent

Extremely Concentrated

A little really goes a long way here. Hop Profiles are made from the essential building blocks of flavor and aroma so they’re naturally potent.

  • 0.5oz per barrel

  • Naturally Potent


No Hop Creep or Lightstruck Flavors

Hop Profiles will not affect IBU test results and they cannot cause lightstruck off-flavors.

  • Zero Hop Creep

  • No Lightstruck Off-Flavors

No Solvents or Synthetic Carriers

Abstrax Hop Profiles are water-soluble and do NOT contain or require any solvents/synthetic carriers.

  • No Synthetic Carriers

  • No Solvents

Who is Abstrax?

Abstrax uses proprietary technology to test for well over 400 botanical compounds found in hops. Other labs test for maybe 50 compounds at most. It’s like using an electron microscope versus a magnifying glass.

Because of this, we are able to analyze hops in a way that has never been done before. Through the power of terpenes, we’re able create the industry’s first optimized hop extracts.

Optimized Hop Extracts

When you extract the oil from hops, no matter how good your extraction is, you’ll always wind up with certain undesirable plant compounds. Abstrax Hop Profiles are true-to-type optimized hop extracts without any of the undesirable notes typically found in other dry-hop aroma oils.

Public Varietals