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Fruit Flavors

Natural fruit flavors for beer and craft beverages

skyfarm series

Flavor / Aroma

TTB-Approved Fruit Flavors


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Dank Passionfruit

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Juicy Mango

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Northern Hemisphere Tropical

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Pineapple Mango

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Southern Hemisphere Grape

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Southern Hemisphere Tropical

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Woody Citrus

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skyfarm series
sample kit

Seriously, don’t just take our word for it. Grab a sample pack and experience the future of flavor for yourself.

skyfarm series sample kit

An easy way to try six of our best and brightest. Dose these into a pint of your beer and watch how they transform the experience. skyfarm is a collection of the most aromatic fruit flavor top notes - built using the power of terpenes.

natural fruit flavors
for brewing beer

the brightest aroma every single time.

The skyfarm series represents the freshest, most perfect version of fruit flavor and aroma. It has none of that “cooked” off-flavor that can sometimes tank a beer. There’s also none of that grandma’s perfume, potpourri, or floral junk either.

skyfarm is high-amplitude, recognizable flavor - and that’s important because when you put Strawberry on your label, consumers are going to expect to smell strawberries. It’s built with terpenes for the ultimate flavor consistency, ensuring the same flavor in every season.

skyfarm specifics

Maybe you’ve tried purees. Maybe you’ve tried concentrates. skyfarm is none of that. So let’s get into it.

Flavor Comes First

Compare these to the flavor of other options and it’s like night and day.

Hit You In the Face

Strong and recognizable fruity aroma every time you crack a can.

No Refermentation

There’s no sugar in skyfarm, so there’s no risk of refermentation.

Water-Based Emulsion

Absolutely no ethanol or alcohol needed to carry the flavor through.

Keep Your Workflow

skyfarm goes right into your existing workflow with no modifications.


Every flavor is TTB-Approved with FIDS documents available.

100% Utilization Rate

skyfarm is immediately dispersed into solution. Less wait, more beer.

No Added Mouthfeel

These are aromatic top notes that don’t impart sweetness or body.

"Having spent over a decade researching flavor in beer, wine, and spirits I've tasted my fair share of fatty, rancid mango flavors and peach aromatics that smelled more like perfume than the fresh Palisade peaches I grew up eating. skyfarm steers in the other direction, representing the freshest, most desirable fruit that's lodged away in nostalgia. These are unequivocally the best fruit flavors I've tasted."

Craig Thomas Master Cicerone® | Abstrax

Powered by Terpenes

Think of terpenes like building blocks. We
build beautiful aroma.

No Sugar, No Color

skyfarm doesn’t impart any added sugar or
color to your beverage.

No Special Handling

Add it into your brite
tank and you’re done.
It’s that easy.

Hyper Concentrated

Dose way less than
you would expect to impart huge aroma.

Clean Finished Label

Use “Natural Flavors” on your ingredient list.

Way Less Expensive

Compare the price of skyfarm to purees, whole fruits, or fruit extracts.

Simple Storage

skyfarm comes in lightproof bottles with
no need to refrigerate.

No Yield Loss

skyfarm is a liquid so there is nothing to soak up potential beer.

how to brew with skyfarm

We recommend that you add skyfarm at the coldest and latest point in the process - the brite tank.

Adding to the brite tank enables precise flavor control in the final beer, eliminating the risk of aromatic compound loss from additional processing. This method also prevents flavor alterations caused by yeast activity and biotransformation.

comparing skyfarm

Compare skyfarm to purees, whole fruits, and other popular options on the market today.

skyfarm offers similar ease-of-use benefits as flavor extracts, but it goes way, way further in terms of flavor, aroma, and handling. It also requires only a fraction of the dosing you’d typically need. Terpenes are awesome.

Simple Dosing
No Potential Refermentation
No Yield Loss
Low Risk of Micro Contamination
No Refrigeration
Doesn't Stick to Tank
No Solid Waste Removal
Authentic Fruit Flavor
No Haze Contribution
Predictable, Precise Flavor
No Seasonal/Batch Variability
Cost Effective
No Added Calories

fruit, terpenes,
and beer

natural flavor innovation at its finest.

As an alternative to fruit purees, concentrates, and essences - skyfarm has been built from the ground up using isolated terpenes. Think of them like little building blocks. We extract, purify, and then rebuild them into the brightest flavor expression possible. This precise control allows for us to create unbelievable, repeatable natural flavors and aromas without the added sugar or the calories.

The skyfarm series is a collection of the most aromatic fruit flavor top notes.

want free samples?

we’ll throw them at you.

We’ve found that simply smelling skyfarm is usually enough for people to try them in their next batch. They’re that good. So let’s get them into your hands. Click below to contact us.

click for skyfarm samples

“It’s so incredibly versatile, and I've only just discovered its true potential as a "secret weapon". Our current batch demonstrates how it can be used during hot side active fermentation, at terminal, and with finished beer in the brite tank. Shit’s good bro.”

Geoff Belcher
Head Innovations Brewer | New Realm Brewing Co

the problem with purees

real fruit seems like the best way to add fruit flavor… right?

Turns out - not really. Fruit purees are literal sugar bombs that require diligent, careful dosing. Not to mention the inherent flavor/aroma inconsistencies that can come with using harvested fruit. Your puree this year might taste different from last year.

Now don’t get us wrong, fruit purees have their place. They contribute body and mouthfeel to the finished beer, which can be great! If you can pair the best aspects of purees with an incredible and consistent aromatic punch, then baby, you’ve got a stew going.

skyfarm in beer,
seltzers, and ciders

for the drinkers of today and tomorrow.

Like it or not - the seltzer revolution has changed the way consumers drink. People are looking for more varied and flavorful options today. Whether that means beer, seltzers, or ciders - people want flavor.

skyfarm works flawlessly in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It adds no sugar, no calories, and yet it still smacks you in the face with flavor and aroma. It’s hyper-concentrated so that you don’t need nearly as much, and it’s shelf stable so shipping and storing are a breeze. Just toss it in the fridge after you’ve opened it.

There is no seasonal variability or weird “cooked” or “canned” flavors. There’s no yield loss, no refermentation, no haze contribution, no sugar, and no calories. Heck, it’s not even flammable.

skyfarm is a bright and flavorful future for all craft beverages. cheers.

Hit You In
the Face

Strong and recognizable fruity aroma every time you crack a can.


Absolutely no ethanol or alcohol needed to carry the flavor through.

Powered by

Think of terpenes like building blocks. We
build beautiful aroma.


skyfarm comes in lightproof bottles with no need to refrigerate.

"Abstrax is shifting the paradigm by not just complimenting the hops that we all love through new processes, but also solving the problems and pushing the boundaries of what we can accomplish."

Alex Tweet
Owner | Fieldwork Brewing

Skyfarm Series FAQs

Quick answers. Straight to the point.

  • What is the skyfarm series?

    Skyfarm is Abstrax Hops’ line of innovative, fruit-forward natural flavor products for brewing beer and craft beverages.

    These have been built from the ground up using botanically sourced terpene isolates to deliver incredible fruit flavor and aroma. Whereas many flavorhouses rely on essential oils which are inherently variable, the skyfarm series reliably produces a consistent and dependable flavor to your beverages.

    Simply put - the skyfarm series is a collection of the most aromatic fruit flavor top notes.

  • I've used purees and concentrates. Is this like that?

    Kinda but not really. Just like a car and a tractor are kind of similar, the skyfarm series goes way beyond purees and concentrates in terms of flavor, aroma, and handling.

    First off, there’s no sugar or color added from skyfarm. Which also means that there are no calories imparted and absolutely no risk of refermentation. Purees usually impart some level of haze to your beer whereas skyfarm doesn’t contribute any haze. There’s also no solid waste to remove, no need to refrigerate prior to opening, no yield loss, and no seasonal or batch variability.

    With skyfarm you’re not getting any of that grandma’s perfume, potpourri, floral junk. Also none of those “cooked” off-flavors or overly ripe notes, for example.

    The skyfarm series is built with terpenes for the ultimate flavor consistency, ensuring the same bright flavor in every season.

  • What’s the difference between the skyfarm series and other natural flavors?

    Other fruit top notes can be synthetic, rank, or overly candy-like. Dosing rates between flavors (even within the same brand or company) can vary by degrees of magnitude. And there is always the ever-occurring problem relating to consistency of flavor.

    Abstrax has endeavored to solve these problems by constructing the skyfarm series with terpene isolates, guaranteeing a degree of control over the process that has not previously been explored.

    We also have a world-class flavor dev team who, quite simply, makes consistently incredible stuff.

  • Do I need to modify my workflow or do anything special?

    Nope. There is no need for special handling and you don’t have to make any modifications to your existing workflow. You don’t even need to refrigerate it before opening. You can save storage space too since skyfarm comes in opaque bottles instead of boxes and bags.

  • What is the dosing rate for the skyfarm series?

    Thanks to skyfarm’s unique water-based emulsion, you can instantly understand the flavor impact by dosing them directly into packaged beer or carbonated water.

    Start your benchtop sensory experiments with a 0.04% dosing rate (0.4 mL/L or 1.59 oz/bbl). Feel free to work your way up to around 0.07% at the high end. At least, that’s what has worked for us.

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