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Abstrax Hops Unveils Quantum Brite: Transforming Brewing with Revolutionary Hop Extracts

Quantum Brite delivers true-to-type, pure hop flavors at unprecedented cost savings for brewers

TUSTIN, Calif., Feb. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Abstrax Hops is excited to announce the launch of Quantum Brite, a revolutionary, patent-pending hop extract that is already transforming the brewing industry. As an emerging leader in innovative brewing solutions, Abstrax Hops has developed Quantum Brite to offer an unparalleled, true-to-type, water-soluble hop extract that has been built entirely for aroma, not alpha acids, merging the best of traditional brewing elements with modern innovation.

"This groundbreaking product is designed for purists who value traditional ingredients like hops, malt, and wheat, yet are open to embracing new, efficient brewing methods," said Jim Ringo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Abstrax Hops. "Quantum Brite is the first affordable advanced hop product solution in the brewing industry."

This cost-effective extract is more affordable than traditional dried hops and eliminates the need for hop removal from beer, thereby preventing beer loss. This addresses two major concerns in the brewing industry: high costs and inconsistency associated with alternative brewing products.

In a move that showcases the versatility and efficiency of Quantum Brite, Abstrax Hops offers breweries the unique opportunity to use their own hops or pellets in the Quantum Brite process. This feature allows brewers to amplify the potency of their hops, converting 1 lb of hops into the equivalent of 5 lbs of dosing equivalence, significantly increasing beer yield while saving on storage and handling. For example, it would take 1,000 lbs of T90 in order to impart the same flavor/aroma of four gallons of Quantum Brite.

Abstrax Hops has partnered with global hop distribution partners Hops Connect Canada, Roy Farms (US), and others to provide Quantum Brite worldwide.

Ross Hunsinger, Director of Food and Beverage Innovation at Abstrax Hops, captures the essence of Quantum Brite with the succinct phrase, "Built for aroma, not alpha." This emphasizes Quantum Brite's ability to enhance the sensory experience of beer, a nod to the rich traditions of brewing. The beer industry, relying on CO2 extraction since the 1960s, has been limited by this dated technology. However, Abstrax's unique Quantum extraction process represents an evolutionary leap in capabilities and efficiencies. Breaking away from the industry norm of CO2 extraction, which significantly undermines the delicate flavor and aroma molecules, Abstrax Hops has developed its own proprietary method. Our Quantum process meticulously preserves and prioritizes these volatile aromatics, leading to a product that vastly surpasses what is currently available in terms of aroma and flavor. This isn't just an incremental improvement; it's a generational, revolutionary upgrade that redefines the standards of brewing excellence.

Quantum Brite marks a new era in brewing - it's affordable, consistent, and true to the nature of hops. It embodies Abstrax's belief in the power of traditional brewing artistry, enhanced by modern technology. We invite brewers to embrace this revolutionary product that promises more beer for the same cost, maintaining the sanctity of traditional brewing while stepping into the future. Quantum Brite represents a groundbreaking advancement in the brewing industry, setting a new standard for taste, aroma, and performance.

"It's been few and far between finding anything that compares to the kind of expression we've been getting from Abstrax products," says Wayne Wambles, Brewmaster, Cigar City Brewing.

These thoughts were paralleled by Tyler Thurman, Head Brewer, Highland Park Brewery, "The Quantum Series from Abstrax Hops absolutely rules. The hop aroma and flavor are unbelievable. I haven't found any hop product that produces such a pure bright hop expression. The cost savings are also a great bonus, but I'm far more excited about how fun the flavors are to play with."

"Its superior quality is not just a claim—it's a sensory experience that outshines traditional methods, offering an unparalleled ease of use. At its core, Quantum Brite boasts a 100% utilization rate, significantly reducing shipping and storage costs. This efficiency extends beyond the brewery, offering substantial benefits to the environment. Abstrax is proud to champion this innovative product, which not only upholds the integrity of traditional brewing but also enhances it with cutting-edge technology. We encourage brewers to experience the transformative impact of Quantum Brite - a product that doesn't just promise better beer, but delivers a tangible, superior brewing experience," said Max Koby, CEO of Abstrax.

Abstrax Hops is a pioneer in brewing innovation, committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that uphold brewing traditions while embracing technological advancements. Our mission is to support the brewing community with products that enhance quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

For more information and updates, visit https://abstraxhops.com/collections/quantum-series .

About Abstrax: Where Innovation and Science Meets Flavor Mastery

As the pioneering leader in the world of botanical flavor technology, Abstrax excels in crafting innovative terpene-driven, functional flavor solutions. Serving the cannabis, hops, flavor and fragrance industries, Abstrax is the trusted product development partner that forward-thinking CPG brands turn to when looking for a competitive edge. Founded in California by a team of award-winning PhD scientists, flavor chemists, and visionary product developers, Abstrax harnesses its three divisions to craft transformative CPG applications via innovative technology and more sustainable, all natural, and cost effective ingredients. Abstrax Tech produces groundbreaking peer reviewed research publications, discovers new flavor compounds, and produces terpene blends and flavors for tobacco, cannabis, and food applications – including botanically derived cannabis flavor experiences, live all-natural hemp-derived terpenes, and mood-enhancing terpene-flavor systems. Abstrax Labs offers cutting-edge R&D, extraction and analytical technologies through its proprietary Terplytics™ system. Its technology delivers the most advanced botanical testing for exploratory research, sensory quantification, strain validation, product development, and consumer insights. Abstrax Hops provides the most advanced research, products, and services that push the limits of brewing innovation. Its wide range of solutions encapsulates the authentic varietal-specific Hop Flavors, Dank Flavors, and next generation of advanced hop products including natural hop aroma extracts. Abstrax offers the utmost in safety, quality and regulatory adherence, ensuring seamless integration into product lines.

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La Voz Marketing, Abstrax Hops, 1 2139258177, stacey@lavozmarketing.com, www.abstraxhops.com

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