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AI-crafted terpene effect blends.

Flavorless/odorless terpene effect-boosters.

Our AI Terp Effect formulas are crafted by using machine learning in partnership with Dr. Avery Gilbert and The Effects Lab by budboard.

Indica/Sativa classifications are only the tip of the iceberg. By combining Abstrax's state-of-the-art research and manufacturing capabilities with budboard's proprietary machine learning R&D software, we've been able to create terpene blends optimized to deliver specific effects based on over one million data points.

In other words - even our computers are huge cannabis nerds.

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AI Terp Effects use only natural ingredients

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AI Terp Effects Sample Kit

Each AI Terp Effect blend is targeted and optimized for one specific mood effect. It's a laser-focused approach to functional products that allows you to create predictable, repeatable, and scalable effects. Try all five here.

Al Terp Effects FAQs

Our FAQs can point you in the right direction.

  • What are AI Terp Effects?

    To put it simply - each AI Terp Effect blend is targeted and optimized for one specific mood effect. It's a laser-focused approach to functional products that allows you to create predictable, repeatable, and scalable effects.

    Most cannabis strains have a wide variety of effects because of their terpene profiles. In addition to their genetics, the cannabis plant will create different terpenes in response to stimuli during the growing process. A seed grown indoors will produce drastically different terpenes than a seed planted outdoors.

    It's a miracle that terpenes have such an effect on human beings, but their main purpose is to serve the cannabis plant itself. As a result, the end flower produces a variety of different effects in humans.

    AI Terp Effects are built to produce one singular effect very, very well.

  • Who is budboard?

    We’ve partnered with the cool dudes over at budboard to create these formulas. If you’ve stopped into a dispensary within the last 3 years then chances are that you’ve seen their work already. They’ve created a system to visually illustrate what each product contains so that customers are informed about their purchase in one quick glance.

    Point is - they collect lab data from over 5,000 different products and then provide that information to over 200,000 medical marijuana patients making purchases every month. Each product goes through a full terpene analysis at a verified lab to confirm its composition. budboard strongly believes that people should know as much in-depth information about these cannabis products so that patients can make the best purchasing decisions. After all, you want the product to do what it’s advertised to do, right?

  • Have AI Terp Effects ever been studied or tested?

    We like to be thorough, so we reached out to Dr. Avery Gilbert who’s a legend in sensory quantification. For the last three decades, he has pioneered a system called Mood Descriptor Profiling which helps to characterize the mood impressions of different scents. Ever been to the store and seen those citrus shampoos that wake you up in the morning? He’s one of the guys that started all of that.

    Dr. Gilbert has been conducting a quantitative sensory research study utilizing our five AI Terp Effects with a random assortment of participants. Each participant is given an unlabeled blend and is asked to categorize their mood impressions of it using an 11-point classification system. This is our real-world test to confirm that each AI Terp Effect does exactly what it’s intended to do.

    If you’d like to get even further into the nitty gritty, you can view the white paper here.

  • What is the difference between AI Terp Effects and our other terpene products?

    Our terpene strain profiles are designed to replicate the flavor, aroma, and effect of particular cannabis strains. Every cannabis profile will offer a wide range of different effects based on their terpene composition. AI Terp Effects are specially optimized to produce one specifically targeted mood effect. So if you want the maximum terpene-based effect possible, then they’re looking for AI Terp Effects.

  • Can AI Terp Effects be paired with Cloudburst or any other Abstrax products for flavor?

    No. All of our products are terpene based. Adding those products to AI Terp Effects would involve layering their terpenes on top of these terpenes. This would cause flavor, aroma, and effect drift which would all lead to a sub-par experience. And that defeats the purpose.AI Terp Effects are designed to be combined with non-terpene based flavoring… which we absolutely do! Go to our custom terpene application and we’ll tailor everything to fit your needs.

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