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The Effects Lab by budboard

ABSTRAX, The Effects Lab by budboard, and Dr. Avery Gilbert Develop World’s First AI-Crafted Method for Formulators to Create Predictable Sensorial Product Experiences

Science-backed Functional Flavors and Aromas Impact Food and Beverage, Cannabis and Nutraceutical Industries.

ABSTRAX, an industry leader in the study and production of cannabis and botanically-derived terpenes, and The Effects Lab by budboard have developed the world’s first AI-driven process to create terpene blends with predictable effects. In partnership with leading sensory psychologist Dr. Avery Gilbert, the science-backed terpenes, coined “AI Terp Effects”, were created via the AI-driven process to target and deliver specific mood states and benefits for cannabis, health and wellness, and functional product applications.

“Our ultimate goal with this platform was to create a science-backed methodology for creating predictable sensorial experiences using terpenes,” says Dr. Avery Gilbert. “This is the first time in history that brands can literally dial in the exact effects they are looking for using botanically-derived ingredients that both smell and taste amazing.”

This marks the first sensory research study of its kind, using botanically derived terpene blends from highly purified natural isolates natively found in cannabis. Instead of relying on peer-reviewed research conducted on single isolates, like many other terpene manufacturers, ABSTRAX is the first manufacturer to develop accurate blends that deliver targeted, specific results based on data, science and research.

“Consumer Packaged Goods companies around the world can now enhance the consumer experience by replacing or supplementing typical natural and artificial flavors with purpose-built functional flavorings to deliver the same mind/body benefits as cannabis but without THC or Cannabinoids that may cause psychoactive feelings,” says Max Koby, CEO of ABSTRAX.

ABSTRAX, with the support of budboard, is leveraging a strategic combination of machine learning, thousands of consumer reviews, and years of cannabis research to create the most consistent and effective terpene blends backed by data science. Each “AI Terp Effect” blend is targeted and optimized for one specific effect, utilizing a laser-focused approach to functional products that allows brands to create predictable, repeatable, and scalable effects.

Koby continues, “This is highly significant because most cannabis strains have a wide variety of effects due to their complex terpene profiles. The ability to isolate these effects opens the door for consumers to enjoy the exact mind/body experience they are seeking. In addition to their genetics, the cannabis plant will create different terpenes in response to stimuli during the growing process. A seed grown indoors will produce dramatically different terpenes than a seed planted outdoors. It's a miracle that terpenes, in addition to creating some amazing flavor and aromas, have such an effect on human beings...but their main purpose is to serve the cannabis plant itself. As a result, the end flower produces a wide variety of different effects and provides a range of benefits to humans.”

ABSTRAX addresses five targeted mood states with its first blends, including Energized, Focused, Inspired, Peaceful, and Relaxed. The process includes a rigorous six-step, scientific and machine learning process:

●    Step 1: Data Collection: Data is gathered from more than 200,000 medical marijuana patients using more than 5,000 different lab-verified terpene-infused products. The data is compiled and aggregated into The Effects Lab’s AI Algorithm to create more than one million data points.

●    Step 2: Algorithm Prediction: The algorithm uses machine learning to predict terpene effects based on the data points. Data is compiled on which products produce specific effects, then patterns are identified in their ingredients, allowing for the isolation and utilization of the terpene components that most often produce desired effects. As more data is collected, the resulting formula becomes more accurate and can be further refined. Currently, there are more than one million data points (and growing) to craft AI Terp Effect blends.

●    Step 3: Trust, but Verify: Each AI prediction is then compared against hundreds of scientific white papers to “sanity check” the results. If the algorithm’s predictions match the scientific literature, the team can reasonably assume that the predicted data is valid.

●    Step 4: The ABSTRAX Touch: Chemists take each raw formula and optimize it to be as flavor and aroma neutral as possible, so it won’t interfere with the end product’s flavor and aroma. Each formulation is engineered utilizing only FEMA-GRAS ingredients and is TTB ready for a wide range of product applications including alcohol and spirits. Next, the team runs that optimized formula back through the algorithm to ensure that it will deliver the intended results. If there is any effect, flavor, or aroma drift then the team adjusts and repeats the process. This assures that each AI Terp Effect blend has been thoroughly tested and retested for maximized effects and compatibility.

●    Step 5: Scientific Validation: Dr. Gilbert, a world-leading sensory psychologist, has been conducting a sensory quantification research study utilizing ABSTRAX’s five AI Terp Effects with a random assortment of participants. Each participant is given an unknown blend and is asked to categorize how it makes them feel using an 11-point classification system. This real-world test works to confirm that each AI Terp Effect does exactly what it’s intended to do.

●    Step 6: Functional Flavor System: The final AI Terp Effect can then be combined with a flavor key and manufactured into a final product, which can include oil-soluble, water-soluble, powder, and nano CBD formulations.

Each formula is built entirely with ABSTRAX’s all-natural isolated terpenes that are molecularly distilled and ultra-purified from non-cannabis botanically derived sources. They are blended for the desired effect and are highly consistent across all batches to deliver a targeted, repeatable and predictable experience that helps build consumer trust.

Science has already proven that olfaction plays a vital role in people’s lives by transmitting emotions and even influencing behavior. For product innovators, leveraging the power of terpenes for fragrance and flavor can both heighten their customers’ positive emotional experiences and positively influence their purchasing behaviors.

For example, ABSTRAX is working with companies to produce tangible effects such as increasing feelings of calm and euphoria. In one case, Wana Brands came to ABSTRAX to create a series of terpene blends that would enhance their new edible collection by replicating a set of targeted effects to create enhanced sleep products. ABSTRAX worked closely with their AI partners at budboard’sThe Effects Lab to recreate these effects through a series of terpene research benchmarks.

“This is a perfect example of what we can accomplish with the AI-based Terpene Platform,” says Mike Hennesy, VP of Innovation at Wana Brands. “We are now able to pinpoint the exact physiological impact that our customers want to have, and we can assure them that they will experience what they’re seeking.”

To learn more about the ABSTRAX “AI Terp Effects”, visit the following link: https://abstraxtech.com/pages/ai-terp-effects.

Leveraging its proven background in cannabis research, ABSTRAX is the leader in the research, development, and production of botanically-derived and cannabis-inspired terpenes that create unforgettable sensorial experiences. Headquartered in California, the company owns and operates a state-of-the-art type 7 licensed research and manufacturing lab where it’s award-winning product developers and scientists leverage the most advanced strain analysis technology to extract and study aroma compounds via three-dimensional analysis, allowing for each and every compound within a plant to be named and studied. The company has partnered with many of the best cultivators in the industry to study their cannabis profiles and create the world's most advanced terpene formulations. As a result of its efforts, ABSTRAX offers the largest terpene catalogue of the most popular strains - botanically-derived terpene blends and isolates native to cannabis. These ingredients, also known as functional flavors and aromas, are used in vapes, concentrates, edibles, beer, essential oils, fragrances, cosmetics, topicals, tinctures, alcohol, food and beverage, personal care, and more. The company works with internationally recognized brands and provides unparalleled cannabis research, innovation, and custom formulations to create products that engage and thrill consumers. ABSTRAX also devotes significant resources to developing the highest terpene standards and best practices in the industry. The company has developed a robust quality management system including Gas Chromatography analysis and molecular distillation of natural ingredients to achieve the highest purity standards. Investigating and ensuring that ingredients used in its own products, and products within its industry, are safe for consumption. The terpene industry is a rapidly growing segment of the global flavor and fragrance market, which is expected to grow to $35 billion by 2024. This market segment includes the cannabis, CBD, skincare, cosmetics, health and wellness, food and beverage industries.

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