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Frequently asked questions

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General Questions

Quantum Series

  • What is Quantum?

    The Quantum Series is a range of hop-derived solutions processed using our groundbreaking, proprietary extraction techniques. We offer a liquid, water-soluble dry hop solution, as well as numerous alpha acid fractions. You can purchase products made from hops we've selected or we can process YOUR selected hops. Reach out to us at hello@abstraxhops.com to learn more about toll processing.

  • Why would I use Quantum over regular whole hops or pellets?

    Quantum solutions are more shelf stable, have higher amplitude, and do not absorb liquid volume like traditional hops while also minimizing transportation and storage costs.

  • How does Quantum compare to other hop extracts on the market?

    Quantum is only comparable to other advanced hop products in that they are both derived from hops. Outside of that, Quantum is higher amplitude, more efficient, and more cost-effective than anything else in the advanced products category.

  • What is the difference between Quantum and Omni Hop Profiles?

    Quantum Series products solutions are derived solely from hops while Omni Hop Profiles are both hop and botanical terpene-derived. Omni Hop Profiles are true living records of specific samples of hops that can be recreated forever thanks to our analytical mapping capabilities and botanical formulation expertise. Quantum solutions completely reflect the hops that go into the process in a way that no other hop extractions do.

  • Can I process my own hops into Quantum?

    Yes! For the first time ever, you as a brewer can have your hops processed into advanced products to add margin to your flagship beers. Flavor lock is no longer a challenge because it's YOUR HOPS. Send us an inquiry at hello@abstraxhops.com.

  • What is the dosing rate for Quantum?

    .5 oz of Quantum Brite equals 1 pound of T90 pellets in dry hop.

  • Where is the best place/time point in the brewing process to dose Quantum?

    For the hot side, the Quantum process produces a Whirlpool product and two Alpha Acid Fractions; Alpha Omega and Alpha Pi. For the cold side, we offer our groundbreaking Quantum Brite dry hopping solution.

  • What impact does Quantum have on the bitterness of the beer?

    Only the products that contain Alpha Acids- Alpha Omega and Alpha Pi impact bitterness.

  • Does Quantum induce hop creep?

    Quantum Brite is acid-free and contains no precursors to induce hop creep or light-struck conditions in the package.

Omni Hop Profiles

BrewGas Series

  • What is BrewGas?

    BrewGas is our collection of botanical terpene-derived, cannabis flavor brewing solutions. Leveraging our institutional knowledge of cannabis and our world-class analytical capabilities, BrewGas is the most accurate TTB-approved cannabis aroma solution available.

  • Does BrewGas contain THC?

    You won't believe it when you smell it, but BrewGas is made using completely botanically derived terpenes and flavor compounds and contains no THC whatsoever and none of the compounds used were extracted from the Cannabis plant.

  • What is the dosing rate for BrewGas?

    At benchtop scale, we recommend starting at .04-.07% volume/volume and titrating either up or down as needed.

  • Where is the best place/time point in the brewing process to dose BrewGas?

    BrewGas solutions can be added at any point on the cold side. They are completely flowable and require no special handling.

  • Can I use BrewGas in non-alcoholic beverages?

    Absolutely! We have many clients using these flavors in functional beverages, as well as adding terpene functionality to D8 and D9 beverages in the recreational market.

Skyfarm Series

  • What is the skyfarm series?

    Skyfarm is Abstrax Hops’ line of innovative, fruit-forward natural flavor products for brewing beer and craft beverages.

    These have been built from the ground up using botanically sourced terpene isolates to deliver incredible fruit flavor and aroma. Whereas many flavorhouses rely on essential oils which are inherently variable, the skyfarm series reliably produces a consistent and dependable flavor to your beverages.

    Simply put - the skyfarm series is a collection of the most aromatic fruit flavor top notes.

  • I’ve used purees and concentrates. Is this like that?

    Kinda but not really. Just like a car and a tractor are kind of similar, the skyfarm series goes way beyond purees and concentrates in terms of flavor, aroma, and handling.

    First off, there’s no sugar or color added from skyfarm. Which also means that there are no calories imparted and absolutely no risk of refermentation. Purees usually impart some level of haze to your beer whereas skyfarm doesn’t contribute any haze. There’s also no solid waste to remove, no need to refrigerate prior to opening, no yield loss, and no seasonal or batch variability.

    With skyfarm you’re not getting any of that grandma’s perfume, potpourri, floral junk. Also none of those “cooked” off-flavors or overly ripe notes, for example.

    The skyfarm series is built with terpenes for the ultimate flavor consistency, ensuring the same bright flavor in every season.

  • What’s the difference between the skyfarm series and other natural flavors?

    Other fruit top notes can be synthetic, rank, or overly candy-like. Dosing rates between flavors (even within the same brand or company) can vary by degrees of magnitude. And there is always the ever-occurring problem relating to consistency of flavor.

    Abstrax has endeavored to solve these problems by constructing the skyfarm series with terpene isolates, guaranteeing a degree of control over the process that has not previously been explored.

    We also have a world-class flavor dev team who, quite simply, makes consistently incredible stuff.

  • Do I need to modify my workflow or do anything special?

    Nope. There is no need for special handling and you don’t have to make any modifications to your existing workflow. You don’t even need to refrigerate it before opening. You can save storage space too since skyfarm comes in opaque bottles instead of boxes and bags.

  • What is the dosing rate for the skyfarm series?

    Thanks to skyfarm’s unique water-based emulsion, you can instantly understand the flavor impact by dosing them directly into packaged beer or carbonated water.

    Start your benchtop sensory experiments with a 0.04% dosing rate (0.4 mL/L or 1.59 oz/bbl). Feel free to work your way up to around 0.07% at the high end. At least, that’s what has worked for us.

  • When/where should I add the skyfarm series?

    We recommend adding skyfarm as late in the process as possible (i.e. in brite tank). While skyfarm disperses quickly, ensure complete homogenization by recirculating or rousing your tank.