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5 Ways Terpenes Can Improve Your Life

Terpenes give products its distinctive aroma and effects

Terpenes are a big deal – so much so that we’ve built an entire business on them here at Abstrax Tech. Terpenes are compounds that give each product its distinctive aroma, and in nature, terpenes also work to keep pests and insects away. This ultimately safeguards the plant and even fights off and removes fungus in some cases. There are a number of practical and productive uses for terpenes in both MMJ and your daily life.


Their non-psychoactive nature makes them useful for treating certain ailments

When ingested, terpenes have a number of health advantages, according to this study cited in the online magazine Reset.me, making terpenes even more popular for those using certain compounds and extracts to pursue wellness. Broadly, terpenes are categorized as either sweet, sour, bitter or spicy — with each classification further categorized into even more distinct smells. However, there is much more to terpenes than how they hit the nose. While this plays a significant role in terms of integrated medicinal impact from their parental plant, terpenes also offer relief from insomnia in some cases.


They can act as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial aids

Inflammation is often the primary cause of pain and discomfort for many patients who elect to use terpenes and MMJ. Terpenes, particularly myrcene and alpha-pinene,  can help reduce these symptoms, according to studies cited in Terpenes and Testing magazine. For example, Myrcene offers dual benefits -- both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Myrcene, in combination with the humulene (anti-bacterial) and alpha-pinene (anti-inflammatory) present in certain strains and extracts are particularly effective at removing inflammation of the bowel and the lungs.

Terpenes can help weight loss efforts

Limonene, famous as a fat burner, is a common terpene present in lemon-scented fragrances of MMJ. It is also present in the peels of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemon, and grapefruit. Although more evidence is needed, D-Limonene is believed to help with weight loss, acting as a hunger suppressant. Learn more about Abstrax D-Limonene isolate here.

Terpenes as anti-oxidants

Due to their antioxidant properties, certain terpenes are an awesome resource to leverage in wiping out the body’s toxins, according to the National Library of Medicine. One prominent example of a terpene that functions as an anti-oxidant is Terpinolene, typically found in Jack variety strains. Other terpenes that act as anti-oxidants include Alpha-Bisabolol, Beta Caryophellene, and Eucalyptol.

Terpenes can fight anxiety and depression

Medical News Today noted that terpenes like Beta-caryophyllene and Linalool are known as novel compounds effective in helping with depression and anxiety. Other terpenes that address the issue of anxiety are Myrcene (β-myrcene). Linalool, in Indica-dominant strains, possesses anti-anxiety characteristics and is a key component found in lavender. The National Library of Medicine has found the both Linalool and B-Pinene are very effective at producing anti-depressive and anxiolytic -- meaning anxiety-relieving -- effects as well.

And can make a great sleep aid, too

Those who have been struggling to get a full night’s sleep can rest easy on this finding from The Sleep Doctor. The terpenes Myrcene and Terpinolene can help you get a good night’s sleep as well, as they’re known treat insomnia. In some cases, these terpenes can even help you fall asleep faster. Myrcene serves as a calming sedative, apart from other medical advantages like muscle relaxation and pain relief Apart from myrcene and terpinolene, other terpenes that aid in treating sleep disorders and have sedative effects include:


The dominant smells of these terpenes

Here’s how to identify each Abstrax terpene isolate by its smell:

  • Limonene -- Lemon Orange
  • Caryophyllene -- Pepper Wood Spice
  • Linalool -- Lavender Rosewood
  • Pinene -- Sharp Sweet Pine

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