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The Story of 710 and Its New Dank Brewing Chapter

Celebrate the craft beer and cannabis crossover on Dab Day with the dankest, stankiest beers. 

The craft beer and cannabis crossover has been building momentum over the last few years. As more states legalize cannabis, consumers who enjoy both categories are creating demand for beers that highlight the complex flavors and aromas shared by hops and cannabis.

None of that would be possible, however, without the flavor innovations that have allowed brewers to successfully dabble in such dankness. That’s why we feel it’s appropriate to add a new chapter to the history of 710.

If you’re unfamiliar, 710, also known as “Dab Day,” is a cannabis holiday celebrating all things concentrates. Why July 10th? Simple — turn the number 710 upside down, and it looks like OIL.

So, what does 710 have to do with beer? Surprisingly, a lot!

Not only are hops and cannabis related, but the science involved in making hop extracts is just as worthy of recognition as the work that goes into making cannabis concentrates — and that’s just the beginning.

Learn more about Dab Day and how brewers are celebrating by crafting beers infused with cannabis-inspired flavors.   

How Did 710 Get Started?

Even if you’re not well versed on cannabis holidays, you’re probably familiar with 420. However, while 420 celebrates anything and everything that falls under the cannabis umbrella, 710 is a bit more niche.  

The origins of this holiday are a bit mysterious. From what we can piece together, the term started getting used in 2011 in smaller circles. Some credit TaskRok of Highly Educated, but he doesn't claim ownership and even stated in an interview that it “belongs to the community now.”

Since then, there have been song lyrics referencing the holiday and a myriad of articles. In 2013, LA Weekly published “710 is the New 420,” and over the next few years High Times and even the International Business Times published information about it. None of them, however, could say for certain where the holiday originated.

Whatever the case, from the early days of hashish all the way to ice-hash rosin and liquid diamonds, cannabis lovers have been experimenting with different ways to preserve aromatics, flavors, and cannabinoids. As scientists who specialize in the extraction and perfection of flavors and aromas for beverage solutions, this is something that really resonates with us.

King Louie XIII Terpenes Profile | Abstrax Hops

What Does 710 Have To Do With Beer?

Hops and cannabis are related and both belong to the Cannabaceae family. Plants in this family are generally erect or climbing and include trees, woody vines, and a few herbaceous plants. Plus, when was the last time you took a good look at both plants? Hop cones and cannabis buds have similar shapes, and their leaves have similar structures as well. 

More importantly, they’re also both known for their pungent organoleptics since they both produce a LOT of terpenes. Basically, you’re not crazy if you’ve ever found yourself thinking that a hop varietal, or even a fully brewed beer, has a dank flavor or aroma. 

So, what does this have to do with a holiday that celebrates cannabis concentrates? Well, in the same way that cannabis-curious folks have been tinkering with various extracts, brewers have been experimenting with more efficient ways to add flavor, aroma, and bitterness to their beers. That brings us to hop extracts

The whole point of the holiday is to celebrate the artistry of concentrates, right? If that’s the case, then the expert skill required to take hops from pellets to extracts (and then to Quantum Extracts) deserves just as much recognition. 

Brewers Celebrate 710 With Dank Beer

While the beer world has had a love/hate relationship with the word “dank,” its modern use is unequivocally positive. Today, the demand for products that play with these flavors has only continued to grow as more states legalize cannabis. So, how can brewers get in on the 710 celebration? By showcasing the synergy between cannabis and hops flavors with seriously dank beers! 

We won’t lie, that’s kind of the whole inspiration behind our TTB-approved BrewGas Series. These are true-to-type, botanically-derived cannabis profiles brewers can easily use to infuse their brews with all the complexities of cannabis flavor and aroma. The best part? While they don’t actually contain cannabis, they still smell like you just opened a bag of the dankest cannabis flower.

If our 2024 Skunkworks Lounge is anything to go by, there’s about to be an explosion of deliciously gassy and skunky beers. For example, Belching Beaver Brewery crafted a super juicy and tropical Hazy IPA called Terps N Time using OG Kush BrewGas. And our two-time Best in Show winner, Mountains Walking, crafted their Skyflowers Berry Hybrid IPA using Blackberry Kush BrewGas.

The most exciting part of all of this? Brewers are just getting started. Whether through pure creative ingenuity or necessity, history has shown us that brewers aren’t afraid to experiment with new flavors and styles. Sure, Dank IPAs may be the next Hazy IPA, but we can’t wait to see how brewers utilize cannabis flavors and aromas in the years to come.

Gelato Terpenes Profile | Abstrax Hops

Celebrate 710 with Cannabis-Inspired Beer Flavors!

Ready to experiment with this dank flavor crossover? With our collection of the gassiest and skunkiest profiles, you can easily infuse your next batch of beer with the authentic flavor and aroma of cannabis. The BrewGas Series is a collection of water-soluble, TTB-approved profiles that are flowable, don’t stick to the tank, and they contain no THC or CBD.

Questions? Contact us today, and let’s get started on a brew worthy of celebrating this 710!

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