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BrewGas Series Sample Kit

Canna and hops are members of the same genetic family but they’ve been historically kept apart by prohibition. With canna making its way into the mainstream, Abstrax is able to bring novel ingredients like terpenes to the brewer for the first time. 

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BrewGas Series Sample Kit

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Dominant Terpenes

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BrewGas Series

A collection of the world’s gassiest and skunkiest cannabis profiles. If you’re a cutting-edge brewer looking to impart the authentic flavor and aroma of cannabis into your next beer, then look no further.

BrewGas is water-soluble, uses only natural ingredients, and it’s TTB-approved. It’s flowable, doesn’t stick to the tank, and contains no THC so it’s legal everywhere.


This product is not intended to be inhaled, vaped, smoked, combusted, or anything similar. This is a food and beverage product. Seriously. Don’t vape these. You’ll have a bad time.